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Project Mammogram brings hope to Humble area women
© by Bonnie McKenna
Observer Intern



“People put their lives on hold to help me,” said Wilma Cody who is undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Her words exemplify the work of the Kingwood Women’s Club and the Northeast Medical Center’s efforts to bring Project Mammogram to women without medical coverage.

With a generous $5,000 donation five years ago, Kingwood Women’s Club charged the Northeast Hospital Foundation with developing a program to make sure that women in the Humble area with low incomes who do not qualify for Medicaid or do not have medical insurance can receive a mammogram. Norman Funderburk, president of Northeast Hospital Foundation, agreed with the concept and has been a dedicated supporter of Project Mammogram since its inception.

What began five years ago as “We The Women,” a philanthropic project for the Kingwood Women’s Club to provide mammograms to those in need, has now gained national recognition. This past June, Project Mammogram was honored by the Susan G. Koman Foundation in Washington, D.C. for an exemplary job in developing a cooperative effort with Northeast Hospital to bring mammograms to women in need.


“Our project truly began at the grass roots and has grown to a full fledge operation,” said Joyce White, Project Liaison.

Every year, the Susan G. Koman Foundation gives grants to only eight worthy projects. Project Mammogram has been a recipient of these grants for the past four years. Project Mammogram serves as a model for other groups across the nation in partnership with their local hospitals to bring breast screening and breast health education to the community.

To further assist Project Mammogram, Northeast Hospital has reduced their charges for diagnostic testing to match what Medicaid pays. Now, instead of being only able to screen 700 people a year the Project is able to now screen 1,500 people.

This year, Kingwood Women’s Club will be honoring the Northeast Hospital Foundation at their annual Marketplace Preview Party on Nov. 1, 2005. All proceeds from this fund raiser go directly to Project Mammogram. The Holiday Market Place, another Project Mammogram fund raiser, show casing upscale holiday gifts, opens at the Humble Civic Center on November 2. To date, through fund raisers such as this, the Kingwood Women’s Club has raised over $36,000 for this worthy cause.


Due to the continuing efforts of the Kingwood Women’s Club, more than 10,000 people have been touched by Project Mammogram.

“The Women’s Club goes to where the people are who need information on breast care. We have weekly, bilingual, outreach programs at H.A.M.M., St. Stephens Clothes Closet and The Mission in Porter,” said Mary Rocco, Kingwood Women’s Club Publicity Chairman.

The women of the Kingwood Women’s Club are quick to point out that the success of Project Mammogram has been due to a team effort by all parties. “You can throw all the money at any organization, but it won’t work unless the people care and these people do,” said Cody as she described her experience with the people involved in Project Mammogram.

For additional information regarding Project Mammogram contact Northeast Hospital Foundation at 281-540-7817or visit the Kingwood Women’s Club web site www.kingwoodwomensclub.com.

It is a team effort. Left to Right:
Janis Fowler, Kingwood Women’s Club member,
Margaret White, Society of St. Stephens, Wilma Cody,
and Joyce White,

Kingwood Women’s Club Project Liaison