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A Kingwood's Little Known Asset

 by Bonnie McKenna
Observer Intern


Sitting quietly in a residential neighborhood just off Kingwood Drive on Ladbrook Drive is Kingwood’s little known  asset.  Kingwood Pines Hospital.  Kingwood Pines is a private behavioral health care and addictive disease treatment facility.

Most residents of Kingwood are unaware of the hospital and the services provided by this facility.  The 78-bed hospital is available for intensive inpatient treatment as well as partial hospitalization and outpatient programs.  

The hospital treats children, adolescents and adults for  various psychiatric disorders, abuse and addictive behaviors. Treatment is managed by a team of mental health specialists led by a psychiatrist.  The team is made up of  licensed professional  counselors, social workers,
pharmacists and registered  nurses.  The hospital is a  state of the art treatment  facility licensed by the State  of Texas and accredited by the Joint
Commission on Accreditation  of Health Care Organizations.
 “Many families are torn apart during the time they are seeking  to get a diagnosis,” said Jerri Sethna, M.D., Medical Director of Chemical Dependency Services. “We are here to help.”

Kingwood Pines also facilitates numerous support groups such  as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Depressive Bipolar Support Association, and the National Association for Mentally Ill.  These programs are offered on various schedules, including days, evenings, weekends or a combination of these.  Family counseling  is also available.

The hospital is offering to start  a parenting class.  The program  is designed to help parents learn what to expect as their child grows up, what are age  appropriate behaviors and what is not, as well as, when and how to discipline.  If you  are interested in this program
or other support groups, please call 281-358-1495 and ask for admissions. 

store where the children and adolescents can ‘purchase’,  with good behavior points, items such as books, stuffed animals and earphones to listen to music.  The Club also provides Christmas gifts  for any child hospitalized at Christmas.  Anyone interested in donating age specific  gifts during the holiday  season should contact the Kingwood Women’s Club at www.kingwoodwomensclub.com.

When you or someone  you know is experiencing emotional behaviors or involved with substance abuse, it is difficult  to know what to do.  Kingwood Pines Hospital offers an assessment, free of charge, by a licensed professional to help you determine what is needed and what the next step should be. Call 281-358-1495, 24 hours a day, seven
days a week. 

Left to Right:  Linda Meeds, Director of Clinical Services, Linda Hodgkins, Chief Executive Officer, Mary Rocco, Kingwood Women’s  Club, and Jerri Sethna, M.D., Medical Director of Chemical Dependency Services