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A life is saved
© by Bonnie McKenna
Observer Intern



Within seconds of seeing her mother slump to the floor, Lynette McMullan-Mobley, realized this was an emergency, marshaled her wits, called 911, unlocked the front door and started CPR.

These actions and the quick response of the Atascocita fire department emergency services saved the life of Melda McMullan.

“This was almost a text book case.  Everyone had a specific job to do and the team worked flawlessly in this case,” said Royce Worrell, emergency medical service operations director for the Atascocita Volunteer Fire Department.

“You don’t really appreciate the emergency services of your community until you need them,” said McMullan-Mobley.  “I still cannot believe how quickly they arrived and took over.  It was such a relief when I saw them come through the front door.”

“I don’t remember much, but I am very fortunate they came to me,” said McMullan with a beautiful wide smile.

“We have had several spectacular cardiac arrest ‘saves’ recently using a new, state of the art piece of equipment called AutoPulse,” said Worrell.

AutoPulse is a device designed to provide blood flow to the heart by squeezing the chest.  Providing blood flow, in addition to oxygen and specific drugs, is the primary treatment for a pulseless heart.  The most common method to ensure adequate circulation during a heart attack is CPR.  AutoPulse is a cardiac support pump that performs perfect CPR in all conditions.

“The other piece of equipment we have added to our rescue efforts is the ResQpod.  It is a breathing device designed to enhance circulation.  ResQpod provides a breathing resistance that increases the blood flow back to the heart, so that on the next heart beat, more blood is circulated,” Worrell said.

“Improving our response time to the scene, through our medical priority dispatch is another reason we have been successful in saving more lives. We have also added an ambulance at station #2.  More importantly, we have ten volunteer Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) that can respond to an emergency call directly from their homes.  The EMT’s are then backed up by the ambulance.  The EMT’s carry medical kits and automatic external defibrillators (AED),” he added.

“CPR is still the best response to cardiac arrest when you recognize the emergency.  If Mrs. McMullan’s daughter had not responded immediately her mother would not have survived,” said Worrell.

“I learned CPR over twenty years ago; I never dreamed I would ever have to use it.  I am sure glad I did,” McMullan-Mosley said.

“For every minute you are in cardiac arrest, you loose ten percent chance of survival.  Every one should be trained in CPR.  I cannot stress that enough,” Worrell said.

To take a CPR class or to get recertified, call Mike Fuhre or Donna Blackman at the Heritage Center in Kingwood.  Classes meet throughout the year.  281-360-4900 


The fireman and EMT’s from the Atascocita Volunteer Fire Department that saved Melda McMullan’s life.

Left to right: Steven Foster, Assistant Chief Reggie Grimes, Liz Davis, Melda McMullan, Misty Worrell, Pete Merrin and Royce Worrell.  Not pictured, but involved in the rescue, Rick Smith, Charlie Crocker, Damon Mason and Barry Koon