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Kingwood radio is on the air!
© by Bonnie McKenna
Observer Intern



Did you know Kingwood has a radio station? 

You cannot tune your radio dial to the station; it is on your computer.  Go to your web browser and type in www.kingwoodradio.com. You will be surprised at the variety of news, information and music available throughout the day.  

Kingwoodradio.com is the brainchild of Kingwood resident Mark Linabury.  The radio programming is an offshoot of his popular program www.kingwoodnow.com. The internet radio program aired for the first time on Sept. 15.  

“I had over 500 hours of listening time accumulated in the first month,” he said.  “I was very pleased with the response.”  

“I have always embraced technology and with the limited availability of radio frequencies, creating the station on the internet was the perfect match,” Linabury said.

  Linabury likes sharing information as a way to develop a sense of community.  He feels that kingwoodradio.com, that broadcasts with streaming content 24 hours a day, is a good way to instantaneously share updated information about the community and its businesses.   

“I learned what a sense of community felt like when I lived on Guam .  I wanted to reproduce that good feeling here in Kingwood,” he said.

“I look forward to broadcasting more local content including a segment called Kingwood Talk.  It will be dedicated to learning more about Kingwood’s businesses, organizations, events and personalities that make Kingwood such a great place to live,” he explained.  

Kingwood radio plays a mix of music that includes classic rock, country, oldies and adult contemporary favorites.

“I also want to showcase Kingwood’s local talent.  We have many musicians and bands that have original content. Without a local radio station they would have a hard time getting airplay and interviews.  Kingwoodradio.com can provide that avenue,” said Linabury.

Kingwoodradio.com offers party DJ services including music, karaoke and lighting.

For information about advertising or radio programming contact Mark Linabury,
at:   info@kingwoodradio.com
or call :  832-285-9405.